The 6th Annual Mesopotamian Night with 2DVD & 2CD set

The 6th Annual Mesopotamian Night with 2DVD & 2CD set


2-DVDs + 2-CDs collection
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“Release date: April 2015”

The 2013 DVD/CD set (2CD & 2DVD) covering the 6th annual Mesopotamian Night event is now available for purchase at our online store.

As in previous production, the sixth annual Mesopotamian Night served a feast of Assyrian musical songs backed by a 55 piece orchestra.  This years’ highlight was the 52-person choir; one of the largest Assyrian choir ever assembled outside the Middle East to sing classic Assyrian songs.  These musical events, trimmed with clusters of sweet and sentimental songs by past and present composers, have offered something for every taste.


CD/DVD 1: The New Mesopotamia
  • Hal D’Ei-Man – Poem and Reading by: John Shahidi
  • Atoorayeh Manee’nah – Lyrics: John Shahaidi, Music: Fred Elieh, Orchestration: Devin Farney
  • The Assyrian Legacy Movements III (Hammurabi’s Law) – Composer: George Somi
  • Movements IV (The Fall of the Great Empire) – Composer: George Somi
  • Roomrama – Composer: Nebu Issabey, Lyrics: Yosip Bet Yosip, Orchestration: Tiglat Issabey, Orchestra Conductor: Tiglat Issabey
  • Mar Benyamin Oratorio – Composer: Nebu Issabey, Lyrics: Sophia Ghajarian, Orchestration: Samuel Khangaldy
  • The Epic of Ishtar and Tammuz (Watch on YouTube) – Composer: Ninef Amirkhas, Lyrics: Simon Amirkhas, Orchestration: Honiball Yousef, Solo Singers: Lorraine Davis & John Khangaldy
  • Echoes of Wisdom – Music & Lyrics: Yacoub Bet Yacoub, Orchestration: Samuel Khangaldy, Solo Singer: Lorraine Davis
  • (Medley) Girls Look Like Angels – My Beloved Young Man (Watch on YouTube) – Music & Lyrics: Yacoub Bet Yacoub, Orchestration: Samuel Khangaldy, Solo Singers: Ator Sorisho & Lorraine Davis
  • Leaders of Truth – Composer: Samuel Khangaldy, Lyrics: Sophia Ghajarian
  • The New Mesopotamia – Composer: Samuel Khangaldy, Lyrics: Marcel Josephson


CD/DVD 2: Assyrian Classics: Edward Yousif (Biba) & Shamiram Urshan
  • The Prayer of the Assyrian Nation – Composer: Michel Bosc
  • Musical Play: The Marriage Proposal – Composer: William Daniel, Lyrics: William Daniel, Orchestration: Samuel Khangaldy

Tribute to Edward Yousif (BIBA)

  • Atour Gabbarta (Assyria the Great) – Album: La Sarwit (1974), Singer: Avadis Sarkissian, Lyrics: Ahiqar Mama Music: Edward Yousif (Biba) Orchestration: Devin Farney
  • Saparchiwen (Traveler) (Watch on YouTube)- Album: Leyla (1972), Singer: George Gindo, Lyrics: Shlimon Bet Shmuel, Music: Hikmat Shabo, Orchestration: Devin Farney
  • Len Bekhshawa (I Don’t Think So) – Album: 1962 LP, Singer: George Gindo, Lyrics: Sargon Shliemon, Music: Awrahim Baba, Orchestration: Devin Farney

Tribute to Shamiram Urshan

  • Zmara D’Durah (Song of the Mountains) – Album: Feelings (1987), Singer: Stella Rezgo, Lyrics: Misha shorian, Music: Sargon Mayleian, Orchestration: George Somi
  • Rishet Shyta (New Year) – Album: Dreams (1982), Singer: Rita Toma Davoud, Lyrics & Music: Walter Aziz, Orchestration: George Somi
  • Hewe D’Mtea-Ta (Hope of a Young Girl) – Album: Ashikoota (1984), Singer: Stella Rezgo, Lyrics: Youkhana K. Hnarov, Music: William Nissan, Orchestration: Devin Farney
  • Ghazalit Khulmani (Deer in my Dreams) – Album: Dreams (1982), Singer: Rita Toma Davoud , Lyrics: Evan Gewargis, Music: Shamiram Urshan, Orchestration: George Somi
  • Tolama/Shooshoonla (Assyrian Folkloric Dance) (Watch on YouTube) – Album: Shamiram (1978), Singer: Stella Rezgo, Rita Toma Davoud, George Gindo, Avadis Sarkissian, Lyrics & Music: Daniel Urshan, Orchestration: George Somi


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