The 7th Annual Mesopotamian Night 2DVDs set


Two DVD collection
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“Release date: May 2016”


DVD-1: The first ballet theater in the Assyrian language will mesmerize you with music, song and dance as we witness the story of a newly crowned queen and her struggle to unite her people and kingdom

    Based on the Story by Ghassan Kanafani
    Featuring the Artists of Presidio Dance Theatre, San Francisco
    Libretto & Choreography: Sherene Melania
    Music Composer: George Somi

DVD-2: Premiere of Neeshanqa d’Shlama, introducing Assyrian violinist Sinalla Aghasi.  The Mesopotamian Night Choral Ensemble is back and pays tribute to the masterful works of Shoora Michailian.  Pop legend Ogin Bet Samo performs with Mesopotamian Night Symphony Orchestra conducted by John Kendall Bailey


Choral Tribute to legendary Shoora Michailian

Assyrian Classics of Ogin Bet Samo

NEW… NEW… You can now download DVD-2 (DVD-1 not available yet) for as little as $1.99 directly to your computer, phone or smart TV from Vimeo. Click on clips below for more information 




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