The First Mesopotamian Night Los Angeles (On Vimeo)

The First Mesopotamian Night Los Angeles (On Vimeo)

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* Release Date November 2019 *

Edwin Elieh’s “The Black Winter” Suite
Assyrian Classics: Taliboota, Tanahang & Ogin BetSamo

Act 1:

  • CUNEIFORM GRAFFITI – Vocalist: Rachel Sarah Thomas, Spoken Poetry: Diana Odisho, Lyrics: Rachel Sarah Thomas & Diana Odisho, Music: Rachel Sarah Thomas, Orchestration: Edwin Elieh
  • KHARABE D’NINEVEH (RUINS OF NINEVEH) – Vocalist: Maryam Kouchari & Mesopotamia Choral Ensemble, Music: Belis Daniel, Lyrics: Yousip Jacob, Orchestration: Samuel Khangaldy
  • THE BLACK WINTER SUITE: Black Winter, Death Order, Torturous Migration, Endless Escape – Composer: Edwin Elieh, Orchestration: Edwin Elieh, Poem: Yosip Bet Yosip
  • TANAHANG (A DUET OF BODY & PIANO) (Film & Performance) – Composer: Honiball Joseph, Solo Pianist: Honiball Joseph, Music: Sooren Alexander, Dancer in Film: Yaser Khaseb


Act 2: 

  • ISHTARY (GODDESS OF FERTILITY, LOVE & WAR) – Vocalist: Rachel Sarah Thomas, Lyrics: Kristove Yalda, Music: David Esha, Orchestration: Devin Farney
  •  NISHRA D’TKHOUMEH (THE EAGLE OF TKHOUMEH) – Vocalist: Rachel Sarah Thomas, Lyrics & Music: Freydon Atouraya, Orchestration: George Somi
  • TALIBOOTA OPERETTA (THE MARRIAGE PROPOSAL) – Composer: William Daniel, Lyrics: William Daniel, Orchestration: Samuel Khangaldy



  • FOREIGNER IN MY OWN COUNTRY – From album: Single Released (2014), Lyrics: Sam Cherry, Music: Ogin Bet Samo, Orchestration: Edwin Elieh  
  • CHI BAYYENNAKH – From album: Chi Bayyennakh (1985), Lyrics: Ashur BetSargis & Ogin Bet Samo, Music: Morgan, Orchestration: Devin Farney
  • LENWA BESPARA – From album: Donyan Khatta (2000), Lyrics: Simon Amirkhas, Music: Yoawo Issac, Orchestration: Edwin Elieh  
  • ATA D’ASHURAYEH – From album: Donyan Khatta (2000), Lyrics & Music: Zack Cherry, Orchestration: Edwin Elieh


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