Building Bridges and bringing our community together through music!!!

It’s a great pleasure and honor to announce the collaboration of our Mesopotamian Night, a project of the Assyrian Aid Society of America, with the Assyrian Church of the East in Sydney, Australia for the production of Nārūtu Assyrian Folk Music Concert, to be held this Sunday, October 7th.

This is a significant turning point in Assyrian performing arts, as the Mesopotamian Night initiative which started with a humble project in Modesto California eleven years ago turns international. We thank our star singer Linda George and Rev Narsai Youkhanis of the Assyrian Church of East in Sydney Australia for taking this giant step.

Our contribution to this project was to share our experiance and give them any recommendations. We offered music scores performed previously at our event of Rabi Shoora Michaelian, Rabi William Daniel (RIP) and Linda George, who is also going to be the main performer at the event.

In addition, our own music wizard George Somi is helping them with new arrangements and the biggest highlight is the participation of conductor John Kendall Bailey, the Mesopotamian Night’s music director, who traveled all the way from California to conduct this concert.

We are very happy and excited about this event and we wish them the best outcomes and great turnout.

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