About Mesopotamian Night

our history

As a division of Assyrian Aid Society the Mesopotamian Night Project was founded in year 2007 by the Central Valley Chapter of the Assyrian Aid Society of America, under the guidance of chapter President Tony Khoshaba and Director Fred Isaac, in order to promote Assyrian arts and culture and to provide a venue for Assyrian artists and musicians to showcase their talents.

The first four events were held in Modesto, CA, however, for the fifth event we decided to try a different market to increase our fan base. In 2012, we went to the heart of the Silicon Valley in Mountain View, CA and it was pleasantly a sold-out smash hit!  To accommodate for bigger audience, we moved the event to the historical and beautiful 1927 vintage California Theater in the heart of downtown San Jose.  Since 2013, the California Theater has been home for the Mesopotamian Night. 

Our Vision

Mesopotamian Night, established and sponsored by the Assyrian Aid Society of America, serves as a leader in Assyrian art education by creating a deeper appreciation for cultural understanding through performing arts. Mesopotamian Night inspires hope, supports breakthroughs, and empowers artists in the creation of new work. Mesopotamian Night’s fundamental goal is to support outreach initiatives to ensure safe and quality living for marginalized Assyrians by mobilizing the power of volunteers and contributions by generous donors.

This event has not only made a significant contribution to the production, documentation and revival of Assyrian music in various forms (classical, opera, folklore and pop music) and promotes Assyrian visual arts, but has raised over $600,000 in the span of ten years for the humanitarian and cultural projects of the Assyrian Aid Society of America.

This  success story has only been made possible by the hard work of committee members, passionate contributions from our artists, and the generous support of sponsors like yourself. This website provides information, articles, products, video clips, and other information relevant to the project.

Our Mission

Mesopotamian Night invigorates the quest for knowledge of the Assyrian identity by exhibiting Assyrian performing arts for the purpose of creating an everlasting impact on not only our present and future generations, but humanity as a whole.

Our Team

Sargon Rameshk


David Vardeh


Fred Elieh


Wilbert Odisho


Edison Ebrahimi


Rosana Eyvaznejad