A New Clip from MN2010 DVD

Thanks to Sargon Alkurge for creating the following promotional clip from MN2010 DVD. Please order your copy and support this important cultural project.

MN-2010 DVD/CD to be Released Soon

Finally the Mesopotamian Night team is back in track. While preparing our next exciting event we are glad to announce that the DVD/CD product from our last year event will be released soon.

Mespotamian Night 2010 Dance Rehearsal

Enjoy the following clip recorded at Presidio Dance Theatre. Assyrian Choreography takes another leap ahead. Thanks to Mesopotamian Night initiative, Presidio Dance Theatre and Walter Aziz.

A Chat About Mesopotamian Night 2010

This last week end our committee broadcast a two hour program on Persian Satellite TV Appadana. A chat between the officers of AAS-A Central Valley Chapter Tony Khoshaba and Sargon Alkurge about the Mesopotamian Night 2010 musical project.   An Interview with...

Lammasu, By: Ghazi Assaker

“Assyrian Winged Bull: Lammasu”Hand Hammered Copper ArtworkArtist: Ghazi AssakerDonated by King Kabob in Modesto Auctioned at Mesopotamian Night 2010