Mesopotamian Night 2009 DVD/CD to be released for Christmas

Finally after four months of hard work by the MJC film department the DVD for Mesopotamian Night 2009 was sent for production and will be released soon for Christmas. Below is the cover for this new and unique product. We decided to provide all three CDs and two DVDs from the event in one set. This product is a must have in all Assyrian households. The pricing and order information will be posted soon.

CD 1: Classical Music & Opera
           – The Assyryt Suite No.1
           – The Opera Qateeni
CD 2: Classical Music & Opera
           – The Mesopotamian Choir Ensemble
                Nation Sacrifices  
                Vacant Nineveh
           – The Gilgamesh Oratorio
           – Lorraine Davis
                Spinning Wheel
                Maiden of Dreams
           – The Opera Gilgamesh
                The Death of Enkidu
                The Lament of Gilgamesh
           – The Mesopotamian Choir Ensemble
           – Nation
CD 3: Pop Music
           – Lida Lawando
               Nahrin Shawqaly
           – Emanouel Bet-Younan
               Tasheeta (Deyouta)
               Aqarta Qa Yima
               Khamta D’Khoolmanee
               Ya Bnai Atour