The Assyrian Aid Society of America made the debut of its 1st Annual Mesopotamian Night concert in Chicago on October 11, 2014, at the North Shore Center for the Performing Arts in Skokie, IL

Mesopotamian Night made its debut in Chicago, after making its name in California. Artists from all over the world took the stage and lead the audience through a wondrous journey, mapped by songs, traditional dance, and unique storytelling. Known once as “the land between two rivers,” Mesopotamia’s influence has lived on. Mesopotamian Night gives individuals the opportunity to experience one of the world’s oldest cultures in a way that is both thrilling and thought-provoking. The night celebrates the magnificent traditions of the Assyrian people, preserving the rich history for generations to come..

The Lyres of Ur are the oldest surviving string instruments, excavated nearly a century ago from what is considered the cradle of civilization. Intricately-crafted, the lyres are not only instruments, but works of art. Each piece has its own unique design, decorated with the head of a bull. They are adorned with gold, rare stones, and detailed with color. The lyres, though simple instruments, tell the story of an ancient world and an unrivaled past.

6,000 years of Mesopotamian history has left an endless trail of culture inspired by music, myths, and legendary tales. Follow it as these stories come to life in one night, weaving together a love of art and literature with exquisite performances.

The production explored the glorious heritage and the ways it has evolved in the modern age. Festivities will begin with a cocktail reception, including a silent auction, followed immediately by the concert. The performances feature internationally-renowned vocal artists accompanied by a chamber orchestra, blending together the old and the new. A distinguished Chicago-based ballet company delivered a riveting performance that captures the spirit that has defined the Assyrians for centuries. A charming operetta that gave the night a look at traditional Assyrian customs. Audiences witnessed colorful folk dances throughout the evening.

Since its establishment in 2007, Mesopotamian Night has enchanted audiences. The mission of the concert is to celebrate the Assyrian arts, promote the rich culture of Assyrian-Americans, and to preserve the legacy of the Assyrians in the homeland for future generations. The organization is entirely non-for-profit, with all proceeds benefiting the Assyrian Aid Society of America projects.