The second Mesopotamian night was held on August 23, 2008 at the Gallo Center for the Arts in Modesto, CA.

It made an international waves, and inspired many Assyrian artists about expanding to performing art theaters and not just be limited to community clubs and churches halls. In 2008, for the first after many years Assyrians experienced presentation of their music and songs with full orchestra. Many believe the 2008 project shocked the community and created a paradigm shift in the thinking of community activists, artists and musicians and increased their confidence.

Key performances of 2008 event were the songs of William Daniel performed beautifully by Lorraine Davis.  Also, premiering one scene of the Opera Gilgamesh based on original translation of Addai Alkhas to modern Assyrian and a few excerpts from the opera Inanna by John Craton.. Distinguished Assyrian singers Ashur Bet Sargis and Walter Aziz performed some of their best songs with a large orchestra accompanied by some of the most well known Assyrian musicians such as Robert Noghli, Pierre Noghli, Tiglat Issabey, Ronik Ital, David Betsamo and Ninos Dikho.