The fifth Mesopotamian Night was held on February 18, 2012 at the Mountain View Center for Performing Art  in Mountain View, CA.

The event took a break in 2011 but returned with full force in 2012 moving the show to the Bay Area with the purpose of expanding the audience.

2012 project key contribution was the creation of a musical based on a story written in poem by Rabi Hannibal Alkhas called Malek Rama Lakhooma or Rama The Hansome Prince. The beautiful original composition by Edwin Elieh and the creative artistic direction by Fred Elieh created the most memorable event in our audience.

This mesmerizing experience was just completed yet by another set of Assyrian classics songs of David Vania and Misha Ashoorian.  We had a great contribution from singer Walter Aziz when he helped picking the songs and the five singers to perform them.  He worked with singers: Joan David, Rita Davoud, Salem Sefo, Tony Gabriel and Lazar Malko and introduced them to the stage.  Yet the beautiful songs were nicely choreographed by Sherene Melania the artistic director for the Presidio Dance Theater.

The Mesopotamian Achievement Award was presented to Misha Ashoorian and Vania David as well as posthumously to Rabi Hannibal Alkhas.