The Sixth Mesopotamian Night was held on June 15, 2013 at the California Theatre in San Jose, CA.

The project yet reached another turning point by the expansion of the Mesopotamia Choral Ensemble to a 50-person group. The Mesopotamian Night project now can be proud of establishing the most active and musically competent Assyrian choir group in North America. It is our dream to expand this group to a 100-person group and to elevate it to a recognized group at the national level.   Two songs from Rabi Nebu Issabey were presented by a Mesopotamia Choral Ensemble. The magnificent Oratorio of “Mar Benyamin” was the feature presentation of the Mesopotamia Choral Ensemble. Re. Samuel Khangaldy has orchestrated and arranged this oratorio.

The Mesopotamia Choral Ensemble also performed classic songs from the 1940s of the late Rabi Yacoub Bet Yacoub, orchestrated and arranged by Rev. Samuel Khangaldy.

Showcasing the musical comedy “The Marriage Proposal” of Rabi William Daniel as our other feature presentation. This work again is being orchestrated and arranged by Rev. Samuel Khangaldy.

The 2013 project continued with the production of Assyrian musicals as well as promoting Assyrian pop and classics. This time the songs of two legendary Assyrian singers, the late Edward Yousif (King Biba) and the late Shamiram Orshan took the center stage.  Biba’s songs were performed by popular singers: Avadis Sarkissian and George Gindo and Shamiram’s songs were performed by popular singers: Stella Rezgo and Rita Toma Davoud.


In 2013, Rabi Homer Ashurian and Rabi Nebu Issabey joined the list of Mesopotamian Award recipients.