The Assyrian Aid Society of America celebrate the 7th Annual Mesopotamian Night concert of Assyrian music on June 21, 2014, at the California Theatre in San Jose, CA

Highlights from the event:

In the Mesopotamian Night gala tradition, the evening began at 5pm with a reception featuring fine wine and hors d’oeuvres followed by Assyrian-themed performances starting at 7pm. Throughout the evening, a silent and live auction offered an impressive gallery of art works by Assyrian artists. Considered the premiere fundraising event of the Assyrian Aid Society of America, this event has also become the primary medium for advancing and promoting Assyrian arts and culture including music, sculpture, painting and dance.

Act One:

A ballet theatre presentation of The Little Lantern based on the popular children’s book written by Ghassan Kanafani. The libretto and exquisite choreography is created by Assyrian ballerina Sherene Melania with enchanting musical composition and arrangement by Assyrian composer George Somi. Melania, a member of the San Francisco Arts Commission, is also the Artistic Director of the internationally-acclaimed Presidio Dance Theatre.


We honored two great Assyrians for their extraordinary contribution to Assyrian Arts. Our first honoree is Mr. Shoora Michaelian for his contribution to Assyrian music for over seven decades. We also honored Mr. Fred Parhad for his exceptional contribution in promoting the Assyrian heritage through his work in the field of art and sculpture.

Act Two:

Featured from the repertoire of Assyrian composer Alexander “Shoora” Michailian performed by the Mesopotamia choir and symphony orchestra conducted by Maestro John Kendall Bailey. Shoora’s songs were re-arranged and orchestrated by Assyrian composer Rev. Samuel Khangaldy. Second part of Act two would by the music of the popular Assyrian singer, Ogin Betsamo. He performed some of his most memorable songs along with the Mesopotamia Symphony Orchestra. Ogin’s songs were re-arranged and orchestrated by Edwin Elieh and Devin Farney.