On July 13, 2019 the Assyrian Aid Society of America hosted the much anticipated 11th Annual Mesopotamian Night concert at the California Theater in San Jose, California with a spectacular lineup.

The Mesopotamian Night choral ensemble debuted a never seen performance of one of our most patriotic songs accompanied by the Mesopotamian Night symphony orchestra under the direction of John Kendall Bailey.

We also premiered an original Assyrian musical comedy, “Majnawta” (Eloping), Featuring a cast of over 25 actors, actresses and singers. Written by Edison Ebrahimi and scored by Rev. Samuel Khangaldy.
Majnawta is the story of two eloping sweethearts with disgruntled families living in an Assyrian village set in the late 1970’s.

Assyrian Pop Stars Emanouel Bet Younan and Talal Graish performed some of their most popular songs with a 15 piece band under the direction of Ninef Arsanos.

We were honored to present this year’s Mesopotamian Night Lifetime Achievement Award to the legendary Assyrian playwright, director, and actor Sami Yako Shamouel.

Thank you for joining us at the most successful humanitarian and artistic event of our time: Mesopotamian Night.

Mesopotamian Night 2019 – Video Commercial in Assyrian

For tickets visit https://mesonight.org/book-tickets/

Posted by Mesopotamian-Night.org on Monday, June 17, 2019