Have heard of Aramaic? Do you know the difference between Aramaic and Armenian? Aramaic and Armenian are as different as Hebrew and Russian. Aramaic, like Hebrew, is a Semitic language of huge historical significance.

Aramaic was the lingua franca of the Middle East until it was supplanted by Arabic during the spread of Islam in the 8th century.

Jesus and most Jews of his day spoke Aramaic. Aramaic is still the Assyrian mother tongue and continues to be the language of prayer in Assyrian churches. Jewish scholars read Aramaic in the Talmud and other Jewish texts and all Jews recite the Kaddish in Aramaic.

Aramaic was the language of commerce, knowledge, and empires for ten centuries. It is the oldest continuously spoken and alphabetically written language in the world. Chinese is older, of course, but Chinese writing is not alphabetic.

Join us for the 9th Annual Mesopotamian Night and support Assyrians facing genocide in Iraq and Syria. See the skits and listen to Assyrian songs, poetry, choral and orchestral arrangements while supporting the Assyrians who have survived centuries of persecution and now glory in their “only in America” opportunities to thrive.

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