Narsai David, President of AAS-A:

“I want to congratulate you on the fine production Saturday night in Modesto. Like so many in the audience said afterward, it was simply stunning to hear opera in Assyrian, a truly memorable moment for all Assyrians who hear it. And the oratorio, I cannot express to you what a thrill it was to hear. I cannot wait to hear it again on a disk. Congratulations, you should be very proud of the Mesopotamian Nights success. Many many thanks for all of your hard work as well as that of the chapter volunteers. Bravo!”

Sam Madoo, An Assyrian musician from LA:

I can’t tell you how much I loved the first half of the program. The music composed by Michel was spectacular. The orchestration and harmony was just breath taking…

Hilda Kanon, from San Jose:

I am sure I am not the first one or the last to offer you Congratulations and Thank you on a job well done. It was again an amazing evening! We especially enjoyed the symphonic part in the first half. The compositions were so warm and inviting…so full of eastern warmth and harmony. The second half was very moving as well … I am full of hope that your vision and actions will help awaken this nation to recognize it’s artist and preserve it’s culture and identity.

You make us start anticipating what’s for next year !! We are proud of you and proud to call you Aakhonna b Oomtaa.

Helen Talia, from Chicago:

It was a pleasure taking a part in a big event ~ “The Enchanted Mesopotamian Night”. I am still talking to people about it. I appreciate everything, more than I can express in words.

Maryam Pirayou:

I would like to thank you and all those who were involved in the production of this wonderful event. It takes a lot of time, energy, and hard work. Great job and thank you.

Christine Faulkner:

The event was amazing, and you all should be very proud of pulling off such an event.

Dr. Alex Malik, from Sacramento:

Congratulations to the Central Valley Chapter. The event was truly a success. You guys really did a great job. The AAS now has 3 annual events that will continue to set the bar higher and higher for all other Assyrian events. Great job!

Dr. Vian Yonan:

Congratulations on the third annual Mesopotamian Night, it was quite memorable …

Mona Malik, from San Francisco:

I truly enjoyed the evening, specially the first segment before the intermission. The Gilgamesh Oratorio music was beautiful, the Mesopotamian Choir were great and the orchestra as a whole were fantastic …

Peter Bityou, from Chicago:

Congratulations to Tony; Fred and entire Central Valley chapter members for their dedication and hard work, which made the Mesopotamian Night 2009 event an exceptionally successful one. Your hard work, commitment and resilient contributed to the success of the event …

Robert Mulhim, from Chicago:

I add my voice to the rest of the AAS BOD family and congratulate you guys on a job well done! Please pass along our sincere appreciation to all those who worked so hard in making such an event successful including what we refer to as the ‘Unknown Soldiers’ who normally work behind the scenes.

Ninva Yonan, from LA:

My family and I had a great time. It was so entertaining that both of my children (4years, 11 years), were quiet and entertained for the entire evening. Thank you all for such a memorable cultural evening. We were so glad to be part of it.

John Anderson:

…We had a wonderful evening at the Gallo Center. The entertainment was out of this world. Neither one of us would have missed it for the world. Thanks so much for insisting we participate in such a worldly event. Again thanks so much for hospitality …

Helen Talia, from Chicago:

“Nothing failed to remind us of the legacy of “Qateeni Gabbara” that the late William Daniel has left behind. An original production, hosted by the Assyrian Aid Society ~ Central Valley Chapter, was presented in an Opera and backed by …an Orchestra. Yet nothing prepared the audience on the evening of the Mesopotamian Night for the five audacious performers who annunciated every word in the Assyrian language. If rocks could cry, they did on the evening of August 15th in Modesto. . . not a single person was not moved ~ either shedding tears, shifting back and forth in their seats, or clearing their throats.”

Irene Bet-Daniel, from Virginia:

I am writing to you to show my admiration and respect for your devotion to the Assyrian Aid. May God bless you and all those who are working with you for this noble cause.