Distinguished Artist Donates to Mesopotamian Night 2014

Although he is not new to art, he is a new member of the Mesopotamian Night Family.  Ninos Chammo (www.ninoschammo.com) is a scultptor, painter and jewelry maker – a worldwide renowned artist.  It is with great pleasure to announce that Mr. Chammo has donated one of his art pieces to Mesopotamian Night 2014.  In the oil on canvas piece entitled “Nostaligia”, Mr. Chammo captures the spirit of Mesopotamian Night by displaying visions of dancers, musicians and audience enjoying the scene.  

Nostaligia, by Ninos Chammo

 “How do I describe my art?
As a fusion of cultures. From Gelgamesh’s immorality, to Dante’s inferno, to Gibran’s philosophy, my work bridges historical and cultural difference. I am eternally inspired by the earth’s natural elements of fire and water, earth and sky, and life and death.

I was chosen by Art.

It’s not what I do – It’s who I am.

I was born Assyrian.  I grew up living among the rich culture and history of Italy. At age 16, I started my apprenticeship in Florence. That is where l first learned the skills of sculpting, painting and designing. For over seven years I mastered my trade in several schools, ateliers and artisan shops.

At the Accademia Delle Belle Arti, I gained a profound understanding of the fine arts. I became proficient in creating frescos and monuments at Raymondo Riaci Atelier. I discovered one of my greatest passions – Sculpting – at Bronzi Di Firerce. There I worked as a professional sculptor, creating statues in Bronze A Cera Persa- I also worked in Bini Alfonso, the famous artisan shop, alongside the Japanese artist, Harwo Kinoshita. Under Florentine traditions, I created wood sculptures and paper mache masks, as wells as interior design and jewelry for Ponte Vecchio.

For the last three years, I have been designing sterling silver jewelry in New York City.

My work has been displayed in galleries throughout Europe and United States. 

Artist Ninos Chammo