Introducing “Naby Frye Assyrian Fund for Culture (NFAFC)”

Recently Dr. Eden Naby, the Clerk and Treasurer of “Naby Frye Assyrian Fund for Culture” announced that the NFAFC website is now online and accepting applications for grants. The Mesopotamian Night project has been enjoying generous grants from this foundation for its 2012 and 2013 projects. For our 2012 project, NFAFC provided a $17,000 grant. We also received $10,000 for our 2013 project which is currently underway. Just last week the foundation also provided us with a grant to print the CD set of the Mesopotamian Night 2012. The product will be ready next week before Christmas.

NFAFC will consider arts and culture events, sometimes helping to get a project going, sometimes providing support as a large grant is sought, and sometimes funding a major project. The object is to encourage cultural courage and stimulate ideas.

The grants range from $500 to $10,000. The applicants are recommended to write a letter of inquiry to make sure your project is eligible.

Per Dr. Eden Naby, “NFAFC is keen on performance, preservation, and dissemination of Assyrian art and culture. NFAFC will not be funding research, travel, publication, scholarships and other such worthy endeavors.”

NFAFC is a tax exempt organization registered in the State of Massachusetts.