Mariela Shaker to collaborate with Mesopotamian Night

Three nights ago, an Assyrian-Syrian 23 year-old violin virtuoso, performed a solo show at the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington DC.  Then on June 25, 2015, Mariela Shaker, was at the White House to be honored by the President of the United States of America, receiving the prestigious title of becoming 2015’s CHAMPION OF CHANGE, from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees(UNHCR).

Mesopotamian Night is most pleased to announce the engagement of this gifted violinist and advocate for our people, Mariela Shaker. Mariela’s first response to our invitation was that she was PROUD to be an Assyrian. Coming from Aleppo, which is largely in ruins, Mariela has left her family behind to share her music on the most respected American stages, but also, the story of the millions of refugees, displaced by ISIS. She is one of 1000 Syrians who have been granted asylum by the United States from the war zone.

As a young child, Mariela was considered a violin prodigy. She has had an exquisite conservatory music education, and she was poised to become Syria’s outstanding artists. Two years ago, she was offered a full scholarship to finish her B.A. degree in America. Now, she is beginning work on a Masters Degree, also receiving a full scholarship. What is remarkable about Mariela is that as a refugee, not only her music is heard, but her voice for refugees in need! Though her own family has no electricity and many times she is unable to have contact, she perseveres for this noble cause.

The mission of Mesopotamian Night is to nurture and present Assyrian artists. With Mariela, we will have not only a distinguished musician among us, but also, a deeply passionate young woman who has dedicated her life to bringing the plight of Assyrian refugees to the world.

Please join us on August 1st as MN presents, Mariela Shaker. She will join Sherene Melania, presenting beloved music and dance. Both artists have performed on international stages for the United Nations and we are sure that this will be one of the most memorable evenings in MN history.