Mesopotamian Night Conductor Share his thoughts after MN2016

We thought we should share our MN conductor message, John Kendall Bailey, to our audience and all volunteers…

Congratulations, and thank you, to EVERYONE who made last night’s concert so wonderful – and who have worked on any or all of our previous Mesopotamian Night events. It is amazing what a vision, cooperation, organization, and talent can combine to create, and how such a result can impact all of our lives and serve to help others.

These concerts just keep getting better and better. I am, as always, so very honored to be a part of your team, and while I know that it is a massive effort from so many people to make MN happen, I do hope that we can continue with this annual event that brings the Assyrian community together in support of this important common cause, and in celebration of Assyrian culture.

I know it is hard (and expensive!) to make this event happen, and that the attendance fluctuates. To me, given that this is the largest Assyrian event that happens, I would want to see it become an annual tradition that everyone looks forward to, is excited about, and that no one would want to miss out on going to it. I hope that for next year, which will be the tenth Mesopotamian Night, (!!!) we can do something even more special and really pack the house, raise even more funds, and have the best performance yet.

I know there are many more people who put so much time and effort into Mesopotamian Night than I even know about – I just want to thank all of you again (and please pass my thanks to all those not included in this email) for ALL of what you do. You should all be so very, very proud of the results of your hard work and passion.

With much appreciation and respect,
John Kendall Bailey