Mesopotamian Night Receives Grant from the Assyrian Universal Alliance Foundation

The Mesopotamian Night 2013 project recently received a generous grant of $5000 from The Assyrian Universal Alliance Foundation. The Mesopotamian Night production team is very grateful to this noble Chicago based Assyrian organization. It is very encouraging that more community foundations are realizing the importance of this cultural project and are supporting it. This is the second grant that we have received for Mesopotamian Night 2013 from a community based organization. The first one came from Eden Frye Assyrian Fund for Culture for the amount of $10,000. In addition, the number of individual sponsors has been very impressive. It is expected that MN2013 project will also be fully funded by grants and sponsors similar to MN2012 project.

About Assyrian Universal Alliance Foundation (AUAF)

AUAF was established in 1978 as a charitable service organization to help the Assyrian refugees who fled the devastating campaign of the Iraqi government to suppress the Kurdish and Assyrian uprising in northern Iraq. Since then this organization has grown to one of the largest Assyrian charity organizations in the United States providing a variety of services to our community in Chicago and elsewhere. To read more about this organization visit their website at