Michel Bosc to Compose the Music for Shamiram-Ninos

It is a pleasure to announce that Michel Bosc the composer of the Qateeni Opera which was performed in Mesopotamian Night 2009, has taken on the composition of music for Rabi Yosip Bet Yosip’s Shamiram-Ninos poetry piece. This piece which Michel calls “Heroic Pastoral” is expected to be performed in Mesopotamian Night 2010 concert. In his recent email Michel Bosc writes:

The first step composing the music for Ninos and Shamiram is to imagine both of them as characters and vocal colours. Ninos must be a tenor, heroic and elegant ; Shamiram is a brilliant and sensual high soprano coloratura. Then, you have to cut the text into different parts, to plan recitatives, arias and duets, and build all the text as a true music piece. It’s a Pastorale. French baroque music was rich in this kind of piece for voices and instruments. The orchestra must take its place too. Shamiram’s orchestral colours are harp, celesta, strings and winds ; prince Ninos has brasses and deeper colours. I plan a brilliant virtuoso piece for Shamiram when she evocates the dove flying ; a “vocal firework” for coloratura soprano, I guess it could become the highlight piece of the Pastorale. It’s a real change after the epic Qateeni opera first act, with masculine colours.