The Assyrian Musical Project: A New Concept for Mesopotamian Night 2010

The Mesopotamian Night Project team this year is bringing to the Assyrian audience an entirely new concept of Assyrian Musical. Thanks to Walter Aziz and Edwin Elieh who took the challenge and joined us to bring the concept of “Broadway” Assyrian Musical to reality in our upcoming Mesopotamian Night event in August 2010.

Edwin Elieh is an Assyrian musician from Urmia-Iran. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Music from Azad University of Tehran and currently is studying Film Scoring at UCLA. His composition style ranges from Classical orchestra to instrumental Rock and Pop music. Edwin writes in different genres of music and combines them to create a unique sound. He has been teaching Music and Guitar for over 12 years as well as singing and performing in numerous events.

Edwin in his own words describes this challenge as follow:

Assyrian musical is a performance of Walter Aziz songs’ along with stage acting and dances. The arrangement and orchestration of the songs are based on dramatic and emotional message of each song’s story. Popular music uses lot’s of elements like repeating rhythm or chord progression that can be found in Minimalistic music. The challenge was the coloring most of the emotions that story is presenting along with maintaining the originality of the tune and rhythm pulse. Classical orchestra is a powerful tool assigned for this performance which will bring the life to each moment of the song.