The Dedication of an American composer to Assyrian cause

A great interview and testimonial by the renowned American conductor, composer and musical director of our Mesopotamian Night, John Kendall Bailey. He will be conducting The Assyrian Church Choir, backed by Sydney Youth Orchestra at the Nārūtu Assyrian Folk Music concert to be held on Sunday 7th of October.

John Bailey told SBS how he started his collaboration and involvement with Assyrian community and how much he loves to be part of the Assyrian Aid Society and the Assyrian Church for their Nobel cause of helping the Assyrians in need.  who is in Australia to conduct Nārūtu Assyrian Folk Music on Sunday 7th of October.

Bravo maestro..You made us proud and you deserve our the applause.  We would like to thank our good friend Yosip Sayoda for all of his help and Mr. Ninous Emanoel for conducting this interview.

Click on the photo below to hear the interview: