Walter Aziz Comments on Mesopotamian Night 2010 Project

Assyrian pop singer and song writer Walter Aziz has joined the Mesopotamian Night 2010 project to take his nation’s music to a new height. He believes the struggle of our people to maintain their national identity is a priority and he uses his songs and music to help this struggle. His music strikes a chord in the hearts of young Assyrians everywhere with a modern sound and powerful lyrics. Walter was born in Baghdad, Iraq. He currently lives in San Francisco.

His artistic accomplishments among other things include the following:
1) 1st Assyrian singer to release a CD (Assyrian Unity Dance, 1991)
2) 1st Assyrian singer to release an album on iTunes Music Store (Akitu, 2006)
3) 1st Assyrian singer to have a website (1997)
4) 1st Assyrian singer to produce a professionally produced music video (Khayin, 1992)
5) 1st Assyrian singer to record an international album, showcasing 9 different languages (Colors, 1995)

Walter says, “I am excited about working on Mesopotamian Night 2010 project with Edwin Elieh. To present the Assyrian music in an orchestral format is a dream come true for me. This is a new project that creates more sophisticated interpretations of my songs. This is the ultimate in Assyrian music. I am so excited and will do anything to elevate the Assyrian music.

We look forward to accomplishing these challenging goals.